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Anonymous said: But I'd like to get to know you?

Do it!


Anonymous said: How could it be me? You don't even know who I am I don't even know who are



Anonymous said: You have a very pretty body!

Awh, shucks.


Anonymous said: Mmmmhmmmmm surrrre you did. why don't you tell us? I'm kinda curious :) idk why though haha

I’m pretty sure it was you.


Anonymous said: Who left the bruise?

I….I.. I fell down the stairs.

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devils-share said: I just went threw your tumblr and I love it!

Yaaaay, I love youuu!

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stuff-wharton-likes said: Hey I was just wondering how much your nipple tattoos hurt? I have my ribs tattooed if that helps for making some sort of comparison :)

Not too bad, it only hurt at the base of my nipple. Just psych yourself out and think it will be beyond awful, then it will be cake! I’m sure your ribbies hurt more! <3

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seriouslythecaliforniacondors said: Why can't I follow you?:(

You should be able to!


Anonymous said: Is that a hickey on the inside boob .. Haha get it

It’s a bruise, you were close though!

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livelifeandgetnaked said: Your beautiful!

:3 no you

Oh hey, I&#8217;m naked.

Oh hey, I’m naked.

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jeepracer said: So is the tat new or piercing .?

Newish, few months!

I just spent a week with 13 dogs, I don&#8217;t even know what sad is anymore.

I just spent a week with 13 dogs, I don’t even know what sad is anymore.

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